Do 8 year old boys wear diapers?

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asked Oct 10, 2020 in Kids Health by ssoise (360 points)
Do 8 year old boys wear diapers?
commented Apr 24, 2023 by KingsleyCom (140 points)
Only if they have some health issues
commented Nov 6, 2023 by Sttewen (100 points)
I think it is not good! They are old enough to go to solve things like this!
More information please leave your comment!
commented Mar 6 by aromatotoklik (120 points)
I think it is not good too

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)

Some 8 year old boys do wear diapers.

Just like the 8 year old boy in my avatar wearing a diaper many other 8 year olds wear diapers.

All 8 year old boys should be wearing diapers instead of using the toilet.

Wearing diapers and using a diaper is so much better for kids and even adults because you don't need to stop what you're doing to pee or poop.

When you need to pee or poop you can just pee and poop in the diaper and change it later.

I wore diapers by choice sometimes when I was 8 years old and if I ever have any kids I'm gonna make them wear diapers at 8 years old and until they move out.

No kids of mine will be potty trained because diapers are much better.

I wear diapers all the time as an adult and there will be no toilet in our house either because we don't need one as diapers will be our toilet.

Diapers already are my toilet full time.

8 year old diaper boy Tommy8 year old diaper boy Tommy pampers plastic backed

commented Feb 20, 2023 by Infantilism35 (100 points)
i like how you think if i had kids they would be made to wear diapers full time and be given the full baby treatment
commented Mar 13 by diopervoy (300 points)
Tommy is so cute in his diapers and I wish I were him.

I would gladly wear the diapers he was wearing even after he got done wetting them I would put them on myself and wear them.
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answered Oct 10, 2020 by layla (63,150 points)
Some 8 year old boys do wear diapers for bed wetting such as my own 8 year old boy.

He wears Pampers Cruisers Size 7 diapers as they hold up good for his heavy wetting during the night.

When we go on road trips my 8 year old also wears the Pampers Cruisers Size 7 diapers then as he has peed his pants before when on long road trips.

So I tell him that if he needs to pee then go ahead and pee in the diaper instead of holding it.

He would rather wear the diapers and use the diapers on the road trip instead of peeing his pants or holding his pee in.

His 5 year old brother also wears diapers on road trips.

Also when we are out shopping there are sometimes no bathrooms available and they always have to pee so they wear the Pampers Cruisers diapers then as well.

I told them to just pee their diaper or even poop the diaper if they really need too.

Most 8 year olds are and should be potty trained but if they need to wear diapers they should.

There's no age limit to wearing diapers and using diapers as they make them for all ages.

Diapers are not just for babies.
commented Apr 23, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
Please tell me what is not true please tell me you don't use pampers cruisers size 7 on your 8 and 5 year old boys. I am not judging but please use pull ups because it's embarrassing to kids that age to be wearing diapers and you don't want to be embarrassed your self when you have to change your kids diapers on a changing table in public for the world to see a 8 and 5 year old wearing diapers even though you're kids are ok with the diapers and want to wear them I wore pull ups past the age group but for me I didn't want to wear diapers at the age of 5 until I was 7 almost 8 I wore pull ups for daytime and bed wetting I just couldn't gain control of my self and kids this age can diaper them selfs with the help from pull ups but if your kid needs help with the pull ups then help them with the pull ups changing if pull ups don't work then use the diapers only if a kid is ok with wearing diapers instead of pull ups
commented May 24, 2022 by paratom (9,090 points)
Layla, keep them diapered. Seriously, it's less aggravation

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commented Jul 24, 2022 by HGW (220 points)
Hey it's Brian walls how are you. Sorry about changing the emails on you again. Everybody keeps stealing my stuff but anyways I got another  [email protected]
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answered Dec 27, 2020 by Minmocatfood (6,180 points)
Some 8 year old boys do wear diapers and that's okay if they need to wear the diaper.

Some 8 year old boys are incontinent or wet the bed and a diaper is a good thing for them to wear to keep their pants dry and their bed dry.
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answered Dec 27, 2020 by diaperwetter10 (700 points)

8 Year old boys do wear diapers and they should.

Here's an 8 year old boy wearing diapers and sitting in a highchair and drinking from a bottle.

And one of him sitting on the floor playing with toys in his diaper.

He's a cute diaper boy.

You can click the image to get a bigger picture of him.

8 year old diaper boy Tommy Sitting on FloorDiaper Boy Tommy 8 year old boy wearing diapers highchair baby bottle

commented Jan 30, 2022 by Scottydfl422 (100 points)
Actually Tommy was 6 when these pictures were taken...a good 20+ years ago.
There are many pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy out there.
commented Jun 20, 2022 by 1kennyboy (150 points)
Well no matter how long ago the pictures were taken Tommy looks cute it doesn't matter if you're still that age and in diapers I will still on diapers when I was that age, my mom still made me sit in a high chair to eat my meals and she always put a bib around me too whenever I ate. I still slept in the crib for quite some time I still had a changing table in fact as I got older I had a custom-made diaper  changing table that lasted me until I was 11 or 12 years old. Even though my mom accommodated to look like a toddler changing table oh well. The thing is in my bedroom my mom always had stacks of Pampers boxes in my closet Pampers in my diaper stacker Pampers in my dresser drawers Pampers on the changing table always plenty of Pampers in my diaper bag wherever we went and so forth. Even when I was dressed if I was not wearing a onesie my diapers always took out of my pants in the front and the back and you could always hear the great thing on my Pampers when I walk I heard it and started everybody else not to mention the diaper changes and diaper checks. In my bedroom my mom had accommodated around my changing table a mirror on the ceiling on the sides of the wall and so forth so whenever my diaper was changed I can see myself being changed. She always play Pampers commercials. She videotaped me a lot I'm a diaper changes and the custom baby clothes that  that I wore. My changing table is even by a window so people could see me being changed or outside was even by the window so people could say maybe in changed even outside.
commented Oct 18, 2022 by Huggies lover (280 points)
I wore Pampers until I was 6.  I was a bed wetter and sometimes had poopy accidents as well. My grandma made me wear a diaper day and night, and I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom at all.
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answered Dec 28, 2020 by philrodg (1,290 points)
We do have a boy still wearing diapers. Feel free to visit our blog:
commented Oct 9, 2022 by Jacob45 (100 points)
Link is deleted
commented Mar 15, 2023 by philrodg (1,290 points)
Sorry, we had to shut down the blog. But I have another interesting link for you. It's a Youtube channel which presents diapers for older children:
commented Mar 25, 2023 by artstrongly (100 points)
Oh, that's really neat to hear.
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answered Feb 20, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
Yes 8 year olds wear pull ups but  tommy wearing diapers is not right he don't look to happy about wearing diapers and he is 8 he don't need a highchair baby bottle pacifier he seams to be happy with wearing his pull ups and that's ok because he is a bedweter. But to diaper punish him and treat him like a 2 year old toddler baby is a no. Please just explain what he needs to wear pull ups to stay dry he can wear them day and night and feel like a big boy because pull ups pull up and down like underwear and look like little kids underwear and protect like a diaper and it's less embarrassing if friends find out he's wearing Huggies pull ups then wearing diapers because pull ups are for potty training and diapers are for kids that don't know how to use the potty that just pee in diapers and you want other kids to think he has potty training problems and not a baby who wears and pees in baby diapers.
commented Jul 17, 2022 by Sugothedog (1,570 points)
I agree that Tommy does not look happy wearing his diapers.

Looking through his pictures I've also noticed bruises on him such as on his face, legs etc that show physical abuse.

He most likely was abused and forced into the diapers and he does not look like he wants to be in the diapers.

If he needs diapers that is okay but he should not be forced to wear diapers or forced to be treated as a toddler.

I remember hearing of a website called and the pictures of Tommy were most likely  on that website as well.

Some parents were forcing their kids into diapers and selling those pictures to the website owner named Brian Cobb.

Brian Cobb was arrested but I'm not sure what happened from there.

I really hope that Tommy is doing okay now although I know nothing of him.

It's okay if the boy wanted to wear diapers and wanted to be treated that way but he should never be forced to do that.
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by KevinPromp (210 points)
def it`s not OK if there no diseases
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by WendyOrtez (1,390 points)
Some 8 year old boys do wear diapers.

It's okay if the 8 year old needs diapers and wears diapers as there's no age limit for wearing diapers.

Some 8 year old boys may have bladder incontinence, bowel incontinence, weak bladder, ADHD which causes daytime wetting and even bed wetting and some kids just wet the bed.

Even if the 8 year old wants to wear the diaper and they are happy doing so they should.

Diapers don't have an age limit although most people associate diapers with babies and toddlers.

Anyone of any age can wear diapers and there's nothing wrong with it.

Diapers are just another form of underwear and nobody should be ashamed of wearing diapers whether for need, comfort etc.
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answered Dec 1, 2022 by Wrijr33 (180 points)
I was 8 years old myself and I was having to wear diapers to bed even in the daytime I had to wear them I agree some 8-year-old boys do need to wear diapers but it still means that takes a total responsibility for the parent to change that child as well maybe all 8-year-olds are not in diapers but the ones who have a disability problem are trust me I am one of those who had to wear them because my disability a year old boys are allowed to wear diapers as much as possible
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answered Mar 14, 2023 by Pamperlover (140 points)
Mijn dochter van 6 draagt als ze naar school gaat geen luiers en zodra we thuis komen vraagt ze meteen mama mag ik een luier om? En dan loopt ze de rest van de dag naakt in alleen een luier.❤️in de vakantie de hele dag naakt een luier om en ook als ze naar buiten gaat en andere kinderen kijken er niet geïnteresseerd naar toe.  En 's avonds een dikke pamper

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