Do 8 year old boys wear diapers?

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asked Oct 10, 2020 in Kids Health by ssoise (360 points)
Do 8 year old boys wear diapers?
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Only if they have some health issues

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answered Mar 14 by Pamperlover (140 points)
Mijn dochter van 6 draagt als ze naar school gaat geen luiers en zodra we thuis komen vraagt ze meteen mama mag ik een luier om? En dan loopt ze de rest van de dag naakt in alleen een luier.❤️in de vakantie de hele dag naakt een luier om en ook als ze naar buiten gaat en andere kinderen kijken er niet geïnteresseerd naar toe.  En 's avonds een dikke pamper
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answered May 10 by Ethanxxx (140 points)
if he likes to wear a diaper then no problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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He doesn't like wearing pampers diapers but definitely go with huggies pullups boys 4t 5t for his toddler needs
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There is a picture of Tommy at boys wearing pullups 01 Mandy's of Tommy wearing pullups its a lot better because he was 8 years old and huggies pullups fit him  perfectly and he shouldn't be wearing pampers diapers at 8 years old pullups will help him with his little toddler baby needs. Don't force him to wear the pullups just let him  wear them on his own and explain to him that he's wearing them because he  wets the bed and pees his pants its OK to wear huggies pullups to school and at home friends house and wear them 24/7 365 days a year
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answered Aug 28 by Danieldiap (2,560 points)

Here's some more pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy wearing his Pampers.

I sure wish I was him wearing those Pampers.

8 year old diaper kid boy Tommy Pampers8 year old diaper boy wet diaper highchair tommy pampersDiaper Boy Tommy 8 year old wearing diapers pampersTommy Diaper boy kid wearing pampers older kid wearing diapers

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I have two children, one 8 years old and the other 11 years old, my youngest son 8 years old always wet the bed and sometimes had accidents during the day at school. So he's always had to use protection. We use Pampers tape diapers, we do not use pull ups, Because tape diapers hold pee and poop better, pull ups leak a lot. But my son already knows how to put them on himself, although he sometimes asks me for help to change him if the accident it has been great.

He puts them on at night every day, and during the day too, although he doesn't usually have so many accidents, simply as a precaution, he usually uses them a lot on long road trips. Although we have recently bought him a potty for big children, (very discreet and not very childish so that he is more comfortable using it) And sometimes at night he gets up to use it, and we also leave it in the trunk of the car for him to use on long trips.

My son sometimes feels ashamed for having accidents, but he is not ashamed of wearing a diaper, he knows that it is the most comfortable for him, his biggest fear is that they will laugh at him at school if they discover that he uses diapers

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