¿Cómo entretenerse mientras viaja?

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¿Cómo entretenerse mientras viaja? No me gustan los juegos móviles modernos, son aburridos y todo está hecho para ti.

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answered Mar 18, 2022 by W1ndo0Paine (5,080 points)
(How to entertain yourself while traveling?

I don't like modern mobile games, they are boring and everything is made for you.)

Some ways to entertain yourself while traveling include.
1. Search for all 50 license plates
2. Eat a ton of junk food
3. Sleep
4. Play the alphabet game
5. Play the alphabet game backwards
6. Count the white lines on the road
7. Sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall
8. Sing 99 bottles of milk on the wall (for those under 21)
9. Play Star
10. Complain that you’re bored
11. Sing at the top of your lungs to the bad music on the radio
12. Swear when the cars slow down and the traffic starts
13. Listen to your parents swear when the cars slow down and the traffic starts
14. Read a book
15. Read a magazine
16. Paint your toes
17. Read and make fun of all the stupid billboards
18. Stare blankly ahead
19. Make fun of the city names that you are passing by
20. Complain that you’re hungry
21. Count how many people around you are texting and driving (and stay far away)
22. Play road trip bingo
23. Look at scenery and take pictures
24. Do your summer reading
25. Talk about how you could be doing your summer reading, but don’t actually do it
26. Stop at Cracker Barrel because it’s the only place with clean bathrooms
27. Buy Hubba Bubba and see who can blow the biggest bubbles
28. Find objects on the road for every letter of the alphabet
29. Complain that you’re tired but can’t fall asleep
30. Count how many times you see a billboard for fireworks
31. Ask if you’re there yet
32. Channel surf on the radio until you end up right back where you started
33. Annoy your siblings
34. Fight with your siblings
35. Do word searches
36. Count how many cars you pass on the road
37. Count how many boats are on the sides of the bridges
38. Continue to complain to the point where your parents threaten to duct tape your mouth shut
39. Plan your next trip
40. Create song parodies based on a weird topic (for example: write a song to the tune of“Shut Up and Dance” about donuts)
41. Create a story by having each person in the car contribute one word
42. Pick an unusual color car and count how many cars you pass until you find it
43. Wish for rain so you can see a rainbow
44. Regret wishing for rain when it starts pouring so hard that you have to stop because of the near impossible visibility
45. Day dream
46. Talk your mom’s and dad’s ear off about where you want to go to college
47. Listen to lectures on student debt as a factor for choosing a college
48. Listen to your dad talk your ear off about sports
49. Tell lots of stupid jokes
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