How can I build a website or blog that earns 5000 dollars per month?

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asked Jan 7, 2018 in Blogging by Calottee (220 points)
How can I build a website or blog that earns 5000 dollars per month?

What website niches should I consider building a website or blog in to earn $5,000.00 or more per month?

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It's very possible to make a website that earns $5,000.00 per month and even more if you're prepared to work hard daily and when I say work hard, I mean work hard and likely without any pay for a few years.

To get a blog earning $5,000.00 per month is gonna take 5 years or more of hard daily work of long hours researching and writing great content.

The more quality content your blog has the more opportunities you have for your blog to rank and be found in google and other search engines.

Do research on long tail keywords and find keywords that have a lot of search volume per month.

When writing the blog posts with the long tail keywords make sure the long tail keywords flow naturally and do not spam the keywords into the posts.

Remember to write more for your readers and not the search engines. The search engines will rank you if your blog content is very helpful and relevant and has the right keywords.

Be patient on the ranking of your blog posts. I've had a blog post take 15 months before it ranked at the top of google and started bringing in website traffic.

The wait was worth it because the blog post is still ranking on top of google and bringing in website traffic.

You can earn $5,000.00 per month through Adsense, Affiliate Ads, or by selling your own E book or other services online.

There are many bloggers out there earning $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 and even more per month by blogging but a lot of them don't tell you it took them years of hard work earning very little money before they started bringing in good money.

If someone tells you that you can make $5,000.00 or more overnight with a blog then they're lying. It takes time and hard work to build up a blog to earn money.

Good website blog niches to write in to earn good money with Adsense and are Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Banking, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Loans, Lawyers, plumbing, remodeling etc.

All those and even more can earn you a high amount from Adsense and advertisements.

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