What foods freeze well?

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What foods freeze well?

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Foods that freeze well include meats, hot dogs, hamburgers, vegetables, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, buttermilk, egg whites and whipped cream.

Leftover or batch-cooked dishes, especially anything sloppy, like soup, stews or baby food and fruit purees are perfect for freezing, because they are less likely to dry out when reheated.

Assembled recipes, like pizza, pies, crumble, or lasagna are best frozen raw to avoid overcooking when you reheat them.

The best container to freeze food in is plastic containers such as Tupperware or other bowls with lids.

The best thing to freeze food in is freezer bags.

Although you can also freeze food in Ziploc bags, plastic containers with lids, bowls with lids etc.

You can even wrap some foods such as meats in plastic Saran Wrap or Aluminum Foil or Tin Foil to protect the meat and then freeze it.

Rigid containers and flexible bags or wrapping are two general types of packaging materials that are safe for freezing.

Rigid containers made of plastic or glass are suitable for all packs and are especially good for liquid packs.

Straight sides on rigid containers make the frozen food much easier to remove.

For storing food in the fridge or freezer, glass, particularly OXO's set wins.

The containers are freezer-safe so the glass won't break, leak proof with a tight seal (no mysterious liquids sticking to your refrigerator shelves!), and easy to clean.

One of the more affordable plastic containers, Rubbermaid, is safe to freeze and stackable to maximize freezer space.

Plastic containers can be used alongside heavy-duty wraps and glass storage containers to freeze food for long-term storage.

To prevent freezer burn, wrap or package foods properly before freezing them and make sure your freezer stays cold enough.

The best way to prevent reduced quality is to use your frozen foods in a timely manner so that nothing gets stored for too long.

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