How do I freeze potatoes?

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How do I freeze potatoes?

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To freeze potatoes you have to cut the potatoes up into pieces or slices and then blanch the potatoes.

Then after you blanch the potatoes you can place them in a freezer bag, Ziploc bag or other freezer safe container.

To blanch potatoes you carefully lower the potatoes into the boiling water and leave them there to cook for a few minutes.

Blanching time depends on the size of the spud—baby potatoes, or any potato that has been cut in one-inch thick pieces, should blanch for three to five minutes from the moment they hit the water.

What does blanching a potato mean?

Blanching is the process of dunking your sliced, pre-cooked potatoes in a scalding vat of water or oil.

They are left in the liquid for a very short time interval, then hastily removed and immediately placed into a container of cold water in order to stop the cooking process.

If you don't blanch the potatoes before freezing the potatoes the potatoes will become soggy and can also change in color or texture.

The potatoes would be safe to eat but they won't be as good as potatoes that were blanched before being frozen.

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