What are some 1st birthday party food ideas?

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asked Dec 25, 2017 in Other-Food Drink by L Kunkle (220 points)
What are some 1st birthday party food ideas?

Anyone have any good suggestions for food ideas for a babies first birthday party?

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answered Dec 26, 2017 by Adf289 (45,710 points)
For your kids first birthday you should get them their own cake that they can smash into with their hands. People call it a smash cake.

It's a little cake that you can give to your 1 year old that they can eat with their hands and make a mess of.

Of course you should get a big cake as well that he or she can eat some as well and that you can share with the family.

First birthday's are always the best.
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answered Jun 30 by GeorgeMills (1,280 points)
I believe that 1 year is too young to pay much attention to food. Try to emphasize the bright decoration of the holiday, beautiful costumes, toys, loud but pleasant sounds. This will give the child more emotions and happiness than food)
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answered Jun 30 by RobertPolson (1,100 points)

Yes, I am also inclined to believe that young children are more likely to perceive colors and sounds. I think I read it somewhere in the books on parenting) My wife and I did just that. We ordered many colorful custom heart balloons on the site. There were a lot of choices but it seemed to us that hearts would be more appropriate at a children's holiday. Our friend dressed as a clown and held balloons contests for all children. They all still remember that)

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