What causes silicone spatulas to get sticky?

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What causes silicone spatulas to get sticky?

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Silicone spatulas become sticky because they absorb grease and oils.

Sticky film build up on silicone or rubberized handles can occur when grease or oils are allowed to be absorbed into the handle surface.

This can leave a sticky residue feeling to the touch, even after regular washing.

Silicone Spatulas and other Silicone naturally absorbs grease and oils which causes the silicone spatulas and silicone to become sticky.

Silicone Spatulas are great but they do get sticky which can be a problem.

But you can usually remove the sticky residue by soaking the silicone spatula in hot water with some Dawn Dish Soap or some Purple Power Degreaser or by scrubbing the silicone spatula with some baking soda.

When you have some sticky residue on silicone you can soak the silicone in some warm water with dawn dish soap.

The Dawn Dish Soap should help get rid of the sticky residue so that it washes off the silicone really easily.

You can also use some baking soda and pour it on the silicone and then scrub the sticky residue off.

If that still doesn't work good enough then you can use some purple power degreaser in some warm water which should help get rid of the sticky residue from the silicone.

You may need to soak the silicone in hot water for a few hours to help get rid of the residue but it should wipe off eventually.

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