What's the difference between navel oranges and regular oranges?

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What's the difference between navel oranges and regular oranges?

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The main difference between navel oranges and regular oranges is that regular oranges have seeds while navel oranges have no seeds.

Also the navel oranges have a navel while the regular oranges do not.

Oranges are one of the most commonly grown fruits in the world, and both Valencias and navels are categorized as sweet oranges of the genus Citrus x sinensis.

From the outside, the characteristic that can help you tell them apart most easily is the feature that gives navel oranges their name: the navel!

Navel oranges are seedless fruits that grow in the same regions that Valencia oranges do.

This variety differs from Valencia oranges in flavor and appearance.

While Valencia oranges have a bit of bitter tang mixed in with their sweetness, Navel oranges are simply quite sweet.

They also don't contain any seeds.

Navel oranges taste sweeter than Valencias and are great to munch on fresh out of hand or tossed in a salad.

Unlike Valencia oranges, Navels are better eaten fresh rather than juiced because the Limonin is found in the flesh of Navels so the juice turns bitter within 30 minutes.

Both blood and navel oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C.

However, the navel orange is a slightly better source, meeting nearly 140 percent of the daily value, while the blood orange meets 120 percent.

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