How to build a landing page for my website?

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asked Dec 19, 2017 in Blogging by outfieldtoucan (240 points)
How do I build a great landing page for my website?

Is there any software or scripts I can use to make an easy but great looking landing page for my website?

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answered Dec 20, 2017 by Shawn (90,310 points)
If you're running wordpress they have a plugin you can install on your wordpress website to build a great looking and effective landing page for your wordpress blog.

You can go to the link below to see and download the landing pages plugin.
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answered Feb 26 by bloggingbasket (220 points)

Yes, If you create a website on WordPress, you have a greater option to use plugins. You can install page builder plugins on your WordPress website that will help you to make an attractive and great looking landing page for your WordPress blog.

I did a deep research about page builders and test many of them, after that, I have selected 3 page builders that work great with WordPress with all themes. (Especially with Generatepress Theme)

You can read the complete article by click on "Best Page Builder For WordPress Blog" (Tested)

Note: I'm using Generatepress premium theme on my WordPress blog and use Thrive Architect page builder to design all my landing pages and blog posts also.

If you want to know which tools I'm using to run my successful blog and websites, you can check to click on Blogging tools.

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