What can you do with a bunch of pears?

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What can you do with a bunch of pears?

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Some things you can do with a bunch of pears are make pear sauce, bake pies with the pears, make pear smoothies, make pear juice, make baby food out of the pears, Vanilla Spiced pear Butter, pear jam, pear Ice Pops, pear crumble, pear cakes, mash the pears into a pancake topping, or slice the pears up and eat them.

You can also slice the pears up and add the pears to some ice cream or freeze the sliced pears for later use.

If you have unripe pears they can also be used for baking or you can can the fresh pears for later use.

Unripe pears can be baked with and baking with unripe pears is a good way to use pears that are unripe.

Unripe pears make for the best pears to bake with.

Unripe pears are actually great for baking with because the unripe pears don't fall apart as easily and hold their shape better than ripe pears.

Ripe pears can fall apart when used in baking foods and they don't hold their shape as good as unripe pears although you can still use ripe pears to bake with.

But I find that baking with unripe pears makes the baked goods turn out much better.

You can also puree the unripe pears and make baby food out of them.

Although the riper the pear the better it will taste.

But it's okay to eat or cook or bake with unripe pears.

I prefer to eat ripe pears when I want to eat the pears uncooked but I bake a lot of baked goods with unripe pears and the baked goods turn out just fine.

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