How do you cut cherry tomatoes for pasta salad?

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How do you cut cherry tomatoes for pasta salad?

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answered Dec 10, 2020 by Minty (111,160 points)
The best way to cut cherry tomatoes for pasta salad or just to cut cherry tomatoes is to use a cherry tomato slicer which makes quick and easy work for it.

If you want to use a knife to cut the cherry tomatoes you should use a very sharp knife and slice the cherry tomatoes in half and then slice them into smaller pieces if you want too.

The Fastest Way to Slice Cherry Tomatoes is to buy a cherry tomato cutter that you can buy on Amazon for around $10.00

I have a cherry tomato cutter and it works great and slices and cuts the cherry tomatoes really fast, safe and easy.

I used to just use a knife to slice them but sometimes they would slide around me.

To cut the cherry tomatoes fast with a knife you can do so by following the below directions.

Use a knife and a really sharp chef knife or, my preference, a serrated knife to slice parallel to the counter, thereby halving all of the cherry tomatoes at once.

However you should get a cherry tomato cutter if you cut a lot of cherry tomatoes as it will make it go much faster and it's easier.

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