What goes with tacos for a party?

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What goes with tacos for a party?

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When serving Tacos for a party some good things that go well with Tacos for a party are refried beans, guacamole, Queso Flameado, Spanish Rice, Enchiladas and Salsa.

Nachos and Cheese are also great with Tacos for a party or for anytime you want to have Tacos.

On some days when I eat Tacos I like to have refried beans and other times I prefer Spanish Rice and some Salsa.

You can eat whatever you want too alongside tacos but those are what I prefer.

I love all the above side dishes alongside tacos and sometimes I just like eating tacos by themselves as well.

Tacos are a great food even without side dishes and eating a few tacos can fill you up.

Most Mexicans do not use lettuce on a true Mexican Taco.

Unlike Americans who use mostly lettuce a Mexican usually puts fresh cilantro leaves on their taco in place of the lettuce that most Americans put on Tacos.

A true Mexican Taco contains no lettuce but instead uses the fresh cilantro leaves as well as finely diced onions and shredded cheese and tomatoes.

However some Mexicans may prefer lettuce on their tacos which is okay as well but True Mexican Tacos are made without lettuce.

Also Mexican Tacos are made with soft corn tortillas as the wrapper while American Tacos come in both kinds which is soft and hard.

Mexican Tacos are always the soft kind of Tacos.

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