What does cooked cucumber taste like?

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What does cooked cucumber taste like?

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Cooked Cucumbers sort of taste a bit like Zucchini when cooked.

If you've tasted Zucchini that was cooked then cooking cucumbers tastes a bit like the cooked Zucchini and I actually find that cooked cucumbers taste much better than raw cucumbers.

Although raw cucumbers are healthier for you than cooked cucumbers the cooked cucumbers are still healthy for you.

When you have a lot of cucumbers that you need to use up some things you can do with a lot of cucumbers are make salads, make pickles, put some sliced cucumbers on Pizza.

Fry some cucumbers, add cucumbers to hamburgers or sandwiches, puree the cucumbers, make cucumber soup and make Tzatziki Sauce.

You can also use cucumbers on your eyes for a facial.

Or slice the cucumbers up and freeze the sliced cucumbers for future use in some soups, stews etc.

You can also can whole or sliced cucumbers which makes them last longer but making pickles from the cucumbers is a good idea as long as you can make the pickles good.

If you have too many cucumbers you could also try giving them away to neighbors or take some extra cucumbers to a food pantry which I've done before.

if I grow a lot of cucumbers I take any excess cucumbers that I know I cannot use to a food pantry or even soup kitchen where they can use them to feed people in need or give them to people in need of food.

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