How do you make lettuce last longer?

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How do you make lettuce last longer?

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Lettuce will usually last about 7 to 10 days when at room temperature.

if you store the lettuce in the refrigerator it can sometimes last up to 14 days but it's best to use the lettuce well before then.

To keep lettuce and make the lettuce last longer you should wrap the full head of lettuce in a damp paper towel and then put the head of lettuce inside a plastic bag as well.

You can also put the lettuce into a plastic container which prevents bacteria from getting into the lettuce.

When lettuce is bad the lettuce will start changing colors and may turn a brown or yellow color, the bad lettuce will usually be wilted and have a slimy feeling to it and also the bad lettuce may have a sour or bad smell to it.

If the lettuce smells bad is really wilted or slimy or has changed colors then throw it out and avoid getting sick.

It's OK to eat expired lettuce as long as the lettuce is not actually spoiled or has gone bad.

The expiration date on the lettuce does not mean that the lettuce is actually bad or unsafe to eat.

As long as the lettuce is not wilted, does not smell bad or slimy then the expired lettuce is okay to eat.

I have eaten expired lettuce before and I've never gotten sick.

The expiration date on most food does not mean that the food is actually bad or unsafe to eat.

Just examine the food for spoilage and if it is indeed spoiled then throw the food out but you don't have to throw food out just because it's expired.

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