Is it OK to eat raw oregano?

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asked Nov 1, 2020 in Other-Food Drink by Chijesjones (870 points)
Is it OK to eat raw oregano?

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answered Nov 1, 2020 by captainfishie (1,350 points)
It's OK to eat raw oregano if you want to eat it.

However when oregano is not cooked in with other food it can be too pungent and too strong tasting.

But it's safe to eat the raw oregano is you want too.

I sometimes put raw oregano onto Salad or hamburgers and it's okay for me that way.

But eating the raw oregano plain is too strong for me.

Oregano is a good and healthy spice and herb that has been used on foods for centuries and it's very safe and healthy to eat it.

When cooking with Oregano the Oregano is best when used in the last 15 minutes of cooking.

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