Is a sieve and strainer the same thing?

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Is a sieve and strainer the same thing?

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Yes a sieve and a strainer are the same thing.

The Sieve is another word for strainer and a Colander is a strainer or Sieve that is bowl shaped.

A Conical Strainer is a strainer that is used for straining and filtering out impurities from foods such as soups, stock and sauces.

The Conical Strainer is a cone shaped strainer.

Colander and a Sieve are the same thing essentially.

However the main difference between a Colander and a Sieve is that the Colander is a bowl shaped Sieve which is also a strainer.

A Sieve can also be a Colander but a Sieve refers to a device that is used to separate larger objects from smaller objects, or to separate solid objects from a liquid.

A Colander and a Strainer are essentially the same exact thing.

The only real difference though between a Colander and a Strainer is that the Colander is a larger bowl shaped strainer that looks like a bowl but has holes in it to drain water off of foods.

The strainer can also be a bowl shaped strainer but usually they are smaller than a Colander.

Strainer can be used to name a few different strainer type utensils for cooking or just draining things.

Another common word for Colander is Strainer.

A Colander and a Strainer are basically the same thing but with different names.

Other words for Colander are Sieve, Screen and Filter.

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