Is white rice really bad for you?

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asked Oct 27, 2020 in Other-Food Drink by Ericbee (420 points)
Is white rice really bad for you?

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answered Nov 1, 2020 by captainfishie (1,350 points)
White rice is not as healthy as brown rice is but white rice is not really bad for you.

White rice is still pretty nutritious although brown rice is much more nutritious than white rice is.

Brown rice is much healthier for you because brown rice contains more nutrients like fiber and protein that slow down digestion and won't spike blood sugar levels the way.

White rice does not contain as many of those nutrients as the brown rice does so that makes the white rice less healthy and less nutritious for you.

But eating white rice is still very healthy for you.

You can get health benefits from eating both white rice and brown rice.

I like brown rice myself much better and also like to add seasoning and when I eat white rice I have to add something such as cheese or hot sauce to it to flavor it.

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