How long is coconut flour good for?

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How long is coconut flour good for?

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Coconut flour is good for up to 18 months before it goes bad.

Since coconut flour is rich in oils and other nutrients it can go bad sooner than traditional flour so unlike regular flour that can last for more than a few years the coconut flour cannot.

So you need to use the coconut flour up within 18 months before it goes bad.

After 18 months the coconut flour will go rancid and should be thrown out.

Coconut flour does have a taste to it even when you bake with it.

The coconut flour has a coconut flavor taste to it so if you bake something with the coconut flour then the baked goods will have a coconut taste.

If you do not like the taste of coconut then you won't likely like the taste of anything baked using coconut flour.

Coconut flour is a good flour to bake with but if you don't want the coconut taste in the baked goods then using coconut flour would not be a good idea.

You're better off using regular flour to bake something when you don't want it tasting like coconut.

Coconut flour does make good baked goods though but it's up to the person as to whether they like the taste or not.

Some people like the coconut flour taste and some people do not.

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