Does Panda attack human?

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Does Panda attack human?

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Pandas can and sometimes do attack humans but it's also very rare that they do attack humans.

Most Panda bears are very gentle bears and not aggressive towards humans.

However if you were to seem like a threat to the Panda bear or the Panda bears baby Panda cubs then the mother Panda might try attacking you to save their babies.

But as long as you keep a safe distance from the Panda Bears they will not usually come after a human.

If you are out in the wild and see Panda bears do not approach them or try to pet them as they might see you as a threat to them and attack you.

Just observe the Panda bear from a safe distance and you will be okay.

Panda bears are less dangerous than black or brown bears or any other bear.

Panda bear attacks on humans are very rare but they can and do sometimes happen.

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