Can you get a lawyer for free?

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Can you get a lawyer for free?

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There are some ways to get a lawyer for free or at a lower cost if you're a low income person or low income family and need a lawyer for a case.

You can also be appointed a court appointed attorney but that's not always the best thing.

If you need a lawyer for free or at a lower cost you can ask around at a law school or the courthouse and they should be able to point you in the right direction of getting a low cost lawyer or even free lawyer.

The normal fee for a lawyer for a simple case could be as low as $50.00 per hour to as much as $200.00 per hour depending on the lawyer and the case they are working on for you.

More complex court cases and legal cases could raise the lawyer fee to as much as $300.00 to $500.00 per hour.

Some Lawyers will work on a case for you if you give them a down payment and then pay the rest overtime.

Then again some lawyers will work on cases for a small fee and then you pay the rest of the lawyers fees once they win the case.

Then if you sue someone and then win the lawsuit settlement then the fees for the lawyer will be deducted from the settlement that you win.

Hiring a good lawyer is not cheap and if your life is on the line and it's a matter of you or someone being sent to prison for life or a long time then hire the best lawyer you can.

Don't cheap out on a lawyer because a good lawyer costs money.
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