Can you drink tree sap?

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Can you drink tree sap?

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Yes you can drink tree sap and it will not harm you.

Syrup is just tree sap that is boiled and goes through a process to make it more delicious to eat.

However you can eat tree sap just straight from the tree if you want too.

I have tried drinking or eating some tree sap direct from a tree and it was not very tasty to me.

It won't hurt you though if you do eat the tree sap or drink the tree sap but it may not taste very good.

Tree Sap is known as Nature's Energy Drink.

However you should boil it before consuming it because the tree sap could contain some bacteria that could make you sick.

However the tree sap is okay to drink or eat.

The SAP in a tree is like the blood in our bodies.

The tree SAP transports the trees vital minerals, nutrients and the sugar to all parts of the tree.

Without the tree sap in the tree the tree could not survive.

Trees are living things and need the tree sap to get those minerals and nutrients as well as sugar through the tree.

If the tree lost all it's tree sap then the tree would die.

So the tree sap is vital to the tree to live.

Just like the tree needs it's roots to suck up water so that it can survive.

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