Is Juicing healthier than smoothies?

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Is Juicing healthier than smoothies?

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Yes Juicing is healthier than drinking smoothies.

When you are Juicing the healthiest Juice is the Vegetable Juice which contains more nutrients and minerals and less fat content than fruit juices.

Still Juicing Fruit is good for your health but if you drink a lot of Juice by Juicing it's far healthier to drink vegetable juice than it is to drink Fruit Juice.

But that doesn't mean that you should not drink fruit juice as you should because fruit juice does contain Vitamins that are essential to your health.

But if you drink too much fruit juice or too many smoothies that contain a lot of fruit then you may get fatter and have weight gain which is not healthy for you.

Both smoothies and Juicing are healthy for you so I would recommend drinking both types but just don't overdo it.

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