Does Gouda cheese need to be refrigerated?

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Does Gouda cheese need to be refrigerated?

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Traditionally Gouda Cheese is never refrigerated so you do not need to or have to refrigerate Gouda Cheese.

Gouda Cheese will be safe to eat for a long time even when not refrigerated.

I never have refrigerated Gouda Cheese and it's been just fine for a few months in the pantry.

Smoked Gouda Cheese also lasts pretty long at room temperature without refrigeration.

Gouda Cheese is best not refrigerated but you can refrigerate the Gouda Cheese if you want too.

To keep the Gouda Cheese fresh out of the refrigerator you should wrap it in parchment/wax paper and then put that in an unsealed plastic bag.

Doing that will help keep the Gouda Cheese moist and keep the Gouda Cheese from drying out.

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