How do I download YouTube playlist in a single click on my windows 7 PC?

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asked Mar 23 in Youtube by fraddy (4,980 points)
How do I download YouTube playlist in a single click on my windows 7 PC?

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answered Mar 23 by Shawn (63,150 points)
To download YouTube playlists in a single click on your Windows 7 PC or any other other PC you need to download a video download tool which is free.

To download the YouTube playlist download the 4K Video Downloader Tool at the below link.

Then after downloading and installing that video download tool go on to the next steps.

Then start a video on the playlist on YouTube and then copy the link from the browser and paste it into the tool.

Then press on the option or click on the option Download Playlist to download the entire playlist of videos from YouTube.
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answered Mar 24 by costy (5,260 points)

In order to download YouTube Playlist in just one click, you need to follow below steps:

  • Install iTube Studio on your Windows or Mac PC
  • Now navigate to “Download” section of iTube Studio and click on the drop down arrow
  • From the options, select “Multiple URLs”
  • Next you need to go to the YouTube playlist you want to download
  • One by one copy the URL of each video from that playlist and paste it in the “Multiple URLs” Text box
  • At last you need to click on “Download” button and all your videos will be saved to you PC after that
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answered Mar 24 by poliq (5,400 points)

Hi there, if you want to save your favorite videos directly from YouTube, check out some options for saving and watching YouTube videos on your laptop for free  youtube downloader windows I used to apply several from the list and should say they work pretty well for me. Simply give them a try. Good luck

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