Are there really maggots in cherries?

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Are there really maggots in cherries?

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There can really be some maggots in some cherries.

Even cherries that you buy in stores can have some maggots in them and the FDA does allow for up to 4 percent of Cherries to have maggots.

Maggots naturally occur in Cherries when they are growing because the flies lay their eggs inside fruits and even sometimes vegetables.

So maggots while disgusting can actually be in cherries so it would be best to check the cherries before you actually serve them or eat them.

I like to cut open any cherries to be sure no maggots are in them.

I used to just eat the cherries but then after finding out that maggots can be in the cherries I always cut them open first to look inside them.

If they have maggots I throw them out.

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