How many calories are in a side salad?

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How many calories are in a side salad?

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The amount of calories that are in a side salad are pretty low.

The average side salad has only 15 calories per serving so that makes a side salad great for weight loss or just when you want to keep your weight down.

If you add more things such as bacon, cheese and other meats then the calories in the side salad could go up to 30 to 50 calories.

Or if you add the Ranch Dressing or other salad dressing then the calories do increase some.

But if you just use a little bit of Ranch Salad Dressing or other salad dressing and add some bacon or bacon bits etc then your side salad would likely have around 50 to 80 calories which is still pretty low.

But if you really need to watch your calorie intake then avoid the salad dressing or other things such as bacon or bacon bits.

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