What is the best website for restaurant reviews?

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asked Mar 19, 2020 in Other-Food Drink by Wigin531 (300 points)
What is the best website for restaurant reviews?

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answered Mar 21, 2020 by Minty (132,850 points)
The best website for restaurant reviews is Yelp as well as Google My Business.

There's also some other websites for posting restaurant reviews as well as looking at reviews for restaurants that you plan to eat at.

Some other good restaurant review websites are OpenTable, Zomato, Zagat, The Infatuation and Tripadvisor.

You can also look up a restaurant on Google and sometimes they'll be reviews for those restaurants on the left side of the google search page.

Some people post reviews on those restaurants right on Google Search when the listing for the restaurant shows up in a google search.
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answered Jan 19, 2023 by Andrew_Clarkson (7,050 points)
I personally have a restaurant business and think that it is really important to follow all solutions and ideas in order to improve its work.
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answered Jan 26, 2023 by KateFreeone (410 points)
I think, this one: https://www.yelp.com/
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answered Mar 22, 2023 by Grinder (4,420 points)

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