What should you do if you miss court?

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What should you do if you miss court?

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If you miss your court date the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest and when you're pulled over then the police will arrest you and hold you in jail until your court date.

The best thing to do when you missed court is to hire a lawyer who can defend you in court and you need to have a good reason for missing court.

The judge will also set a new court date and you need to make sure you attend the court because eventually you will be arrested and taken to jail.

Missing court will make it harder on you when it comes up to defending yourself in court for whatever you're missing court for.

Courts hear about reasons for missing court all the time and they don't believe a lot of those stories even though they can be true.

You need to make sure you show up on the court date and go into court earlier than expected to make sure you arrive there on time.

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