Is Allegro Coffee Organic?

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Is Allegro Coffee Organic?

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Yes according to Allegro the Allegro Coffee is grown organic and sourced from organic farms.

The Allegro Coffee is roasted in the USA but is usually grown in areas such as Latin America and Ethiopia.

Allegro Coffee carefully roast their coffees to showcase their high mountain acidity, creating a flavor that is bright and bursting with citrus, milk chocolate and caramel notes.

Allegro Coffee is good coffee and I like it much better than other brands such as Maxwell House, Folgers etc.

I used to mainly drink Folgers Coffee but I decided to try Allegro Coffee when a store here that is a discount store had bags of Allegro Coffee for $1.00 per bag.

I didn't know if I would like it but at $1.00 per bag it was not that much to try the Allegro Coffee.

I thought that since it was selling so cheap that it would not be very good but I bought a bag of it and tried it and now I like it more than Folgers and Maxwell house.

It's cheaper as well.

Allegro coffee is usually mostly made in Denver in their main roasting plant where most of the Allegro coffee is made and roasted.

They also have other roasting plants where they roast Allegro coffee as well but most is made in Denver.

They also have coffee roasting plants in Chicago, Berkeley CA and New York New York.

So your Allegro coffee can be made and sourced from different states.

Allegro Coffee is owned as of now by Whole Foods.

There are Allegro Coffee shops as well.

Allegro Coffee is pretty good coffee and at a store here I can get bags of Allegro Coffee on sale sometimes for as cheap as $1.00 per bag and it's good coffee.

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