Can you go to jail for ding dong ditching?

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asked Feb 13 in Law Enforcement/Police by noabucket54999 (570 points)
Can you go to jail for ding dong ditching?

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answered Feb 13 by Shawn (67,280 points)
If it's your first time ding dong ditching then you will likely just be warned to not do it again.

Then if you do the ding dong ditching again the police may arrest you and take you to jail where you'll have to either sit in jail or post bond if you can.

Although ding dong ditching can seem like fun it really should not be done because it's very annoying for someone to ring your doorbell and then go check the door and nobody be there.

The person could be in the middle of doing something important and most people do not find it funny.

You could also get a fine if you're caught the second time for ding dong ditching.

Ding dong ditching or ringing doorbells and running away is illegal in most states.

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