Do you need a law degree to be a police officer?

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Do you need a law degree to be a police officer?

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To become a law enforcement officer or police officer you're not required to have an actual law degree but you do need to know some law before getting hired as a police officer.

After all if you're gonna enforce laws you must or should know the laws that you're enforcing.

I've came up against some police officers that were not well versed in the law and I was surprised they even made it into the law enforcement job.

I believe it should be required for anyone wanting to be a law enforcement officer they should have to pass the bar exam and have a law degree.

But it's not that way sadly.

To become a police officer you need to have at least 60 credits of college coursework for entry-level police officers and also an associates and Bachelor's degree.

You also have to attend the police academy and be well fit and be able to run without losing your breath.

Having some muscles helps as well.

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