Is the police written test hard?

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Is the police written test hard?

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The police written test can be hard if you haven't studies enough before going in for the police written test and I've heard of a few people failing the police written test 6 times before and gave up.

Even though they studied hard beforehand.

It depends on how good your memory is etc but the police written test is harder than a driving test is though.

You'll also need to spell pretty good as well and have good social skills and good communication skills and pass the gun training and be versed in at least some parts of the law.

A lawyers written test is much harder than taking a police written test.

There might be a police written test trial online that you can try to take to see how hard it exactly might be.

The written exam for a police test in general covers things including reading comprehension, spelling, math, grammar, and analytical skills.

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