Does canned cranberry sauce need to be refrigerated?

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Does canned cranberry sauce need to be refrigerated?

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Canned Cranberry Sauce only needs to be refrigerated once you open the can of cranberry sauce.

If the can of cranberry sauce remains sealed in the tin can it does not need refrigeration and can be stored in your panty for many years before it goes bad.

I love eating Cranberry Sauce so I will stock up on cranberry sauce when I see it go on sale and sometimes buy cases of it.

Cranberry sauce goes well with Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham and other foods.

I also like to put some Cranberry Sauce on some bread and make a Cranberry Sauce Sandwich which is also very good and healthy as well.

Or I just open a can of cranberry sauce and put in a bowl and eat it straight that way.

I've eaten cranberry sauce that I've had in the panty for 5 years before and as long as it remains sealed in the can the canned cranberry sauce can last many years past the use by date.

Once you open the cranberry sauce can though you need to refrigerate the leftover portion or it will grow mold and go bad.

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