Why are cranberry cans upside down?

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Why are cranberry cans upside down?

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Cranberry cans that have cranberry sauce in them are upside down with the label on the can upside down so that they are stored on the shelf in the stores in the correct position to allow the cranberry sauce to have air space.

The air space in the cranberry sauce can and the cranberry sauce can being upside down makes it easier for the cranberry sauce to come out of the can.

I remember at one time the cranberry sauce came in cans that had two sides that you could open with a can opener and you had to open both sides to get the cranberry sauce out.

It's basically due to suction that would keep the cranberry sauce in the can that made it hard to remove the cranberry sauce from the can.

When the cans are stored upside down the air space is created so that the cranberry sauce comes out easily.

The cranberry sauce cans are really just designed different from other food cans and the label is put on backwards so that the store staff stocking the shelves place the cranberry sauce cans in the correct position.

I used to wonder that myself as well and asked the company who made the cranberry sauce that question because I thought they were accidentally putting the label on wrong.

But turns out the labels are put on that way for a good reason.

The rounded end of the can is filled with an air bubble vacuum which helps allow the cranberry sauce to slide right out of the can.

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