Will things download in sleep mode on Windows 10?

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asked Nov 9, 2019 in Internet by Kssjk (380 points)
Will things download in sleep mode on Windows 10?

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by Shawn (64,720 points)
When you put your computer into sleep mode the computer goes into power saving mode and then puts your work into the memory for quick access.

Putting the windows 10 computer or any other computer into sleep mode will stop downloads from happening so if you want to download files to your computer on Windows 10 or any other computer you should leave it on and just turn off the computer monitor.

I leave my desktop computer on all the time and do big downloads or big uploads during the night when I'm asleep or when I'm away from home.

But if you put the computer into sleep mode then it will stop the downloads so just leave the computer on when downloading files or uploading files.

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