Does your processor affect Internet speed?

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Does your processor affect Internet speed?

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Your computers processor can affect your computers speed and how fast things load up in your browser and how fast things such as videos, pictures etc load onto your computer.

But the processor should not affect your actual internet speed.

Your internet speed is directly controlled by your upload and download speed provided by your ISP.

If you're supposed to get a certain download and upload speed then something on the ISP network end could cause your internet speed to slow down.

Or if more than one person is using the internet in your house at the same time then your internet speed can slow down.

But your processor speed should not slow down your internet but it could cause your browser to hang up when loading things.

Your RAM can also cause your computer to react slow if you don't have enough RAM in your computer.

Having 4 GB of ram is the minimum needed to run Windows 10 properly and having 14 GB of ram is even better.

The more RAM you have in your computer the faster your computer will respond and if you do a lot of video editing or video rendering you should have as much RAM as possible in your computer.

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