Are potato skins healthier than the potato?

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Are potato skins healthier than the potato?

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Both the potato and the potato skins are healthy.

But yes indeed the potato skins are healthier than the potato itself and the potato skins contain a lot more nutrients and nutrition than the rest of the potato.

I never remove the potato skins when making fries or boiling the potato to make mashed potatoes as the skin of the potato is healthy and when you discard the potato skin you are discarding most of the nutrients of the potato.

So if you want to reap the health benefits of the potato fully then you should consume the potato skin as well as the potato.

Potato skins also contain most of the fiber that a potato contains and the potato skin contains half of the fiber of the potato so by eating the potato skin you get more health benefits.

You can also make fried potato skins which are also good to eat and especially if you use an air fryer they are more healthy with the air frying.

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