How can I get 1,000 visitors per day on my blog within one month?

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asked Nov 7, 2019 in Blogging by SakerAffit (240 points)
How can I get 1,000 visitors per day on my blog within one month?

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answered Nov 7, 2019 by Shawn (99,990 points)
If you're just getting started with your blog and the blog has only been online for one month then it's gonna be pretty hard to get 1,000 website visitors per day in just 1 month.

It can be done through advertising and posting on lots of forums etc but if you're looking for google or bing, yahoo etc search engine traffic it's gonna take longer than a month and sometimes longer than a year to reach 1,000 visitors per day on your blog.

When you first get your blog online your blog is basically put into a sandbox in google search where they allow your website to mature etc.

The google search wants to see that your website is gonna stick around and then after around 6 months google search will start sending you traffic as long as you have good quality content on your blog.

For me I blog for a living and now have over 20,000 visitors per day but to get 20,000 visitors per day took me over 10 years of blogging.

During the first year of blogging I got only 500 visitors per day which was not too bad and then after the 2nd year I got 1,000 visitors per day and then as I continued adding quality content and blogging and posting on forums related to my blog the search traffic went up even more and more until it finally got to 10,000 daily visitors where I was earning around $100.00 to $150.00 per day from Adsense alone.

Then as I got to 20,000 daily visitors I started getting $200.00 to $300.00 per day with my blog.

So if you continue to work hard and don't give up and are willing to work hard in the beginning for little to no money then after years of blogging you can reap a lot of money from that blog and the blog will then become a cash machine basically without you needing to do much.

I still blog but only add maybe one blog post per week or one blog post per month and I make sure to write long detailed high quality content posts on my blog so that I get ranked high in google search.
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To raise the number of visitors, you can use various tools. Moreover, now there are many opportunities for this. Recently I found free marketing tools, and it was just a godsend for me And I use it regularly to improve the business of my company.
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I think you need to use digital marketing so that more people know about your blog. I know that many owners of websites and e-commerce use promotion on social networks to increase the number of their visitors. I know that on the site you will find a detailed description of the software for different social networks. This will help you get more likes and views, and new visitors to your blog will learn about you through reposts of their friends. This is a good advertisement for your blog.

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