How much money would someone need to buy Youtube?

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How much money would someone need to buy Youtube?

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answered Oct 5, 2019 by Grahlu (51,270 points)
If the website Youtube were to be sold you would need a whole lot of money.

Not only would you need the money to buy Youtube itself you'd need money to buy out the data centers and offices etc that it takes to operate Youtube.

Youtube has thousands upon thousands of web servers in several data centers where all the videos are hosted so you'd need the money to pay for the data centers as well as the website Youtube itself.

It would take over 10 million dollars or even more to buy out Youtube.

Youtube makes lots of money through ad revenue though and Youtube must be profitable for Google otherwise it would likely not be able to operate and would be shut down.

A lot of people make lots of money through ad revenue themselves from Youtube.

If Youtube were to sell someone would likely but it before it ever shut down but you'd need lots of money to buy Youtube out.

But you'd profit from the purchase of Youtube.
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If we are talking about shares of YouTube channels, then I can find a resource where you can buy 500 shares. The shares of this company are quite stable, you will always have a stable passive income.
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If we are talking about subscriptions, then you should figure out what to buy. I use Youtube Family Plan Cost for myself to make it convenient for me and my family. This is probably the most important argument for me in favor of YouTube Premium. An ad that interrupts an interesting movie on a valuable channel is just annoying.

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