What keeps life without parole prisoners going?

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asked Aug 31, 2017 in Law Enforcement/Police by Niko (18,430 points)
What keeps prisoners going and willing to continue to live? I'm basically talking about the ones sentenced to life without parole?

I mean what is there to live for if your locked up for the rest of your life?

How do those life without parole prisoners keep from killing their self?

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answered Sep 1, 2017 by Shawn (87,320 points)
Some prisoners that have been locked up for years find a purpose in prison by changing there ways and deciding to do good in prison by helping others change there lives around.

Although it would suck to be locked up for life it's possible to make a life while incarcerated that's what I've heard a life without parole prisoner say on a prison documentary show.

I saw one life without parole prisoner say he found a purpose to live even while locked up for life by helping the aged prisoners that are frail and need help with feeding and other care etc.

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