Can Google Adsense make you rich?

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asked Aug 26, 2017 in Google by Adf289 (58,560 points)
Can Google Adsense make you rich?

I want to make a website and earn lots of money through Adsense.

How much money can I earn through Google Adsense?

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answered Aug 26, 2017 by Shawn (99,990 points)
Yes it can.

Adsense can make you a lot of money and a lot of webmasters and bloggers out there make more than a day job would provide.

I read some bloggers make $20,000.00 per month or more but those are rare.

You need a nice website with lots of great quality content. It takes hard work to earn a living with Adsense and requires patience as well.

You won't get rich overnight with Adsense but if you continue to work hard at your website and build up your content and website traffic then you might eventually be able to earn your living through your website and could also be a millionaire from it.

But there's no guarantee that you will earn a lot with Adsense.

You also need to have a good niche that pays a lot of money per impression and clicks.

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