Is fried catfish healthy?

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Is fried catfish healthy?

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Fish is very healthy for you in moderation and eating fried catfish is still pretty healthy as well.

Just don't eat the fried catfish too often as the grease and oil can cause heart problems as well as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots etc.

But there's no harm in eating some fried catfish every few days if you love it.

You could use an air fryer to make the fried catfish healthier than frying the catfish in the cooking oil.

Eating too much fried foods including fried catfish can cause weight gain and high cholesterol levels which increase your risk for heart disease and other health issues.

I love to eat fried catfish but only eat the fried catfish about one or twice per week to keep my health in good shape.
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answered Aug 22 by nikol (1,370 points)

Fried catfish is quite a junk food, I advise you to look at more useful types of fish. From seafood it is also possible to choose a lot of tasty and healthy, for example, which is worth only fresh caviar . I always order here when I want really fresh and very tasty caviar.

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