Is eating stale bread bad?

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Is eating stale bread bad?

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Eating some stale bread is not gonna do you any harm and is very safe to eat even if the stale bread has a bit of mold on it.

I've eaten some stale bread before and no harm was done.

I didn't want to waste the bread even though it had went stale so I ate it anyway by making some toast with it and I didn't get sick from it.

The taste of the stale bread was different and not as enjoyable as fresh bread would be but the stale bread was safe to eat.

The bread didn't contain any mold on it but if it did and you accidentally ate a bit of the mold it's not gonna make you sick.

Although it may seem disgusting it's not harmful.

You can make bread last longer by putting it in a bread box or other dark location and it will not go stale as fast.

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