Is organic milk more expensive?

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Is organic milk more expensive?

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Yes organic milk costs more to buy and produce than regular cows milk.

The reason that organic milk is more expensive to buy is that it costs the farmers who raise and milk the cows more money to raise those cows to produce organic cows milk.

Also fewer cows can be raised per acre of land that the farmer raises the cows on and organic cows milk comes from cows that are mostly fed grass and other natural grains.

They do not feed the cows hormones or other feeds containing any hormones which makes the organic milk much healthier than the regular cows milk.

With regular cows milk the farmers can raise more cows on the same amount of land and it costs less to produce the cows milk that is non organic versus the cows milk that comes from organic cows.

I find that the organic cows milk tastes better than regular milk and say it's worth the extra cost of the organic cows milk as it's also a healthier option.

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