Is eating bacon everyday bad for you?

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Is eating bacon everyday bad for you?

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answered Aug 11 by layla (17,240 points)
Having a few pieces of bacon everyday should not hurt you and makes for a great breakfast.

But you should eat more healthy food throughout the day in your other meals to stay healthy and get plenty of exercise as well.

I love bacon myself but could not eat it every single day for breakfast because I would get tired of it even though bacon is very delicious.

Bacon in moderation is healthy and for some people you can stay healthy eating bacon everyday but if you're already at risk for heart disease or have heart disease or have dealt with blood clots then you should avoid eating bacon everyday because it can cause health issues with your current health issues.

So I would only eat the bacon every few days and eat other things such as oatmeal, cereal etc for breakfast to keep your heart healthy.

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