How often can I go to the food bank?

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How often can I go to the food bank?

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The food bank I volunteer at is open all year round but you can only go to this food bank once per month unless there is special circumstances and they approve you for twice per month.

But usually once per month is what is allowed because we have a lot of people to distribute food to so we have to allow other people a chance at getting food.

But if we could we would allow people to come to the food bank more often per month but we just can't.

You can sometimes go to another food bank in another town and get assistance for more food if you have to have some more food and are really struggling.

I used to go to a food bank when I was struggling financially and it can be embarrassing but eventually you'll get over the embarrassment because the volunteers at the food bank know that you're struggling and some of them may have been struggling before themselves and they might even be struggling financially while volunteering at the food bank.

The other people that are going to the food bank are also struggling so there's really nothing to be embarrassed about.

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