Why is going to a food bank embarrassing?

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Why is going to a food bank embarrassing?

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Thankfully right now I'm not needing to go to a food bank and now am able to donate some food to the food bank and sometimes volunteer at food banks when I have the time.

But I do remember when I was younger and was struggling financially I had to go to the food bank and it was embarrassing.

I'm not sure exactly why it was embarrassing but I think it's because it made me feel bad that I couldn't provide for myself properly at the time.

The food bank volunteers are not gonna judge you though and the other people that you see at the food bank are also in financial trouble and are likely just as embarrassed as you.

I eventually after a couple years got over the embarrassment of the food bank because I realized there was nothing bad to actually going to a food bank when you need too.

There are a lot of people that need help with food and it's okay and not your fault and sometimes things just happen such as job loss, high electric bills, high rent payments etc.

Food is a basic need and it's okay to use a food bank when needed.

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