What happens if you eat too much cinnamon?

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What happens if you eat too much cinnamon?

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Cinnamon is healthy for you in moderation however if you eat too much cinnamon it can lower your blood pressure to dangerously low levels.

When your blood pressure gets way too low then it can lead to fainting, passing out, dizziness and even possible death.

Cinnamon is a very good and natural way of lowering your blood pressure when your blood pressure is high but you should avoid overeating cinnamon and always keep a check on your blood pressure often when eating cinnamon and if you notice your blood pressure getting too low then you're likely eating too much cinnamon.

Also never eat cinnamon directly from a spoon as it can choke you and possibly kill you as some people have been killed because of a cinnamon challenge.

Cinnamon in moderation can also help to lower blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

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