Why do runners drink beet juice?

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Why do runners drink beet juice?

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The reason that runners drink beet juice is that the beet juice raises nitric oxide levels in your body.

The result of the raised nitric oxide levels in the body results in improved lung function, increased blood flow and even stronger muscle contraction.

It helps the runner get more energy and strength so that they can have the energy to run the distance they run.

The beet juice also improves the runners cardiorespiratory endurance and performance.

So if you want to increase your energy as a runner and if you're in a race as a runner then drinking beet juice can help you increase your chances of winning the race.

Beet Juice is also very healthy for you as well so you'll increase your energy and improve your health overall.

Drinking beet juice or eating beets has also been shown to lower your blood pressure so if you have high blood pressure then drinking beet juice or eating beets can help keep your blood pressure at normal levels and can lower your blood pressure when the blood pressure gets too high.

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